• Grab Your Health Potion
  • Going on a quest to take on the baddest boss in the whole dungeon
  • Never leave your companions behind!
  • Don't stand in that dragon's ice breath, it causes a 50% slow and does 734 damage every 2.6 seconds!

About Avona

Avona is designed to convey major fantasy vibes in games, apps, and websites. Behind the design of Avona was a simple question “If a font were magicked into existence, what would it look like?”

This family is planned to have extensive Latin language support, additional alternate characters, fractions, numeral sets, and more adventurous options such as an ink spread version. If you jump on board early, you’ll get all these updates free of charge! The commercial price will go up with each update, so grab your copy early if you want to save on some shiny loot.





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