Just a Letter Nerd spreading joy through letterforms. 

All the work done here at Alanna Munro Type Foundry is currently done by Alanna Munro herself! She works on projects from her home studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Alanna Munro

About Alanna Munro

My love and fascination with letterforms has been percolating since doodling bubble letters on my notebooks as a thirteen-year-old. In my early 20’s I went to Emily Carr University of Art + Design to study communication design and emerged even more curious about letterforms and their place in design. I am now an independent type designer and lettering artist making retail and custom typefaces through Alanna Munro Type Foundry – really clever name right?! In addition to fonts, I also make lettering pieces and create products featuring nice letters including stickers, cards, and even a book about being a huge letter nerd.

My letterform designs always start with a particular use in mind or a problem to solve and I like to explore a very wide variety of styles and solutions. The one thing that ties all my designs together is a phenomenon that has been described as ‘happy curves,’ meaning that no matter the style, a friendly disposition is always woven into the vector drawings. But don’t mistake friendliness for frivolity, I am also a huge nerd and my fonts are always executed with the highest technical care.

I’m always happy to help others out using any category of my knowledge; just check out one of my Type Design Live Streams and you’ll see me answering all kinds of questions from “What is a double storey ‘a’?” to “How do you manage to sort you kids socks when their feet are such a similar size?” Get in touch if you need anything, but until you do, I’m going to go play a little Stardew Valley while watching reruns of Star Trek 🖖

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I would love to hear from you, send inquiries, feedback, complaints, and cozy game recommendations here: hello@alannamunro.com

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