Signs of Kauai

Kauai is a small place; it is the least populated Hawaiian island with only about 65,600 people.

The South side was full of resorts and sunshine, but the rainier, more rural Northern side had some great local spots. And with small, local establishments comes interesting, handmade signage.

In fact, I noticed that not very many signs were actually printed. Even if the letters were based on some kind of digital logo or typeface, the signs themselves were hand-painted on wood.

large hand painted sign that reads: Hanalei Center, Specialty Shops: Food, Beach, Rentals, Clothing, Art, Restaurants
Hanalei Center
On the side of a building: Hanalei Bread Company
Hanalei Bread Company
A small sign that says, Recycle
A wood cut out sign that has a fish server and reads "Fish Tacos" below
Fish Tacos
Large wooden cut out sign that reads "Hula Moon Gifts of Hanalei"
Hula Moon
A sign mounted to the roof of a shop that reads "Restore Kaua'i"
Sign mounted to the side of a shed reading "Kauai Mini Golf & Cultural History Garden"
Kauai Mini Golf & Cultural History Garden
A small building and courtyard with string lights above. The sign is cut from wood and reads "Chocolate Hanalei"
Chocolate Hanalei
Benches at the front of a small building with "chocolate" painted across the top
Chocolate Benches
A printed sign right above a beautiful hand painted script sign reading "Ohana shop"
Ohana Shop
A large free standing sign by a restaurant reading "Tahiti Nui Restaurant Cocktail Lounge"
Tahiti Nui
A hanging sign with a detailed painting of a pineapple with a ocean and landscape scene in the centre. The words "Wake up Cafe Hanalei" are incorporated in the illustration.
Wake up Cafe Hanalei