Custom Emoji's For Page Two

I was approached by Page Two Books to create a custom set of emojis for a book layout they were typesetting. The author had employed ample use of emojis in their manuscript and we needed one colour emojis that would blend in with the chosen text typeface. 

emojis: blast, smiling pile of poo, message, winking face, smirk, smile, eye-roll, none, angry, brain explode, light bulb, typing
The full set of custom emojis

The emojis were sized and spaced to fit well in paragraphs of text. They were provided in a font format to make typesetting the book much more efficient because the emojis were already spaced vertically and horizontally to work within the text. All the designer needed to do when they needed an emoji was to change the font and maybe kern a bit if the spacing felt off. 

black text on a white background with two paragraphs set in Lyon with the custom emojis in them
The emojis in paragraphs

This illustrates some of the design decisions made in the the process:

Text that reads "faces in Lyon" with an emoji set inside the words
An emoji set within the intended text