Headphones.com Logo And Custom Wordmark

Headphones.com was looking to rebrand their online business. The designer came to me with a very cool new logo concept and “headphones.com” set in Name Sans. I was asked to refine the shape and unify the logo and wordmark. 

a large orange shape that looks like an H. It is made of two mirrored halves on the top and bottom that resemble music notes  and create an angled crossbar in the middle.

The shape of the logo was very close and just needed some tuning around the curves and thicknesses of the diagonals. 

When working on the wordmark, I rounded the corners and experimented with selective serifs. We didn’t want to overload the mark with too many serifs and make it feel crowded at small sizes. Because the idea was to emulate music notes we were able to put a serif-like shape on one end of a stem and keep it straight on the other. 

Headphones.com listed twice, first in the original typeface and then with some alterations like rounded corners and music note style serifs The H icon set next to the wordmark that says Headphones.com