Kinetic Recovery & Performance

KRP is the personal brand of Malcolm MacRitchie, a kinesiologist in Vancouver. I worked on the monogram symbol as well as the custom lettering, which was inspired by the cover of 1980’s book called “The Injured Athlete”.

The lettering needed to speak the language of sports brands as many of his clients are professional athletes. At the same time, I wanted to soften and humanize the lettering because the work he does is more about caring for and helping people keep their bodies in top performance or recover from an injury.  

The logo which includes a line art monogram "KRP" icon above the custom word mark, followed by and underline and then "Recovery And Performance" in a light Sans Serif
KRP Logo
The word mark in red on a black background, tiled many times and set at a 45 degree angle to make a pattern
Kinetic Pattern