Kitch is a food delivery service that brings healthy, dietician approved meals to hospital patients in Vancouver. The founder wanted to have fun with the brand and bring a bit of cheer to the people receiving the orders. I worked on the full brand including the custom work mark, stationery layouts, and postcard illustration.

Logo that reads "Kitch" in the middle in a retro script style. It is badge style with an circle around the lettering and then an outer ring that has a wavy exterior. In a circle around that it reads, "Delivering a better hospital food experience,
Kitch Full Logo
Stationery set laid out on a dark green background with postcard, food bag label, business card and pen.
Stationery set
Close up on the illustration of bumblebees around a vase of flowers
Photo of woman holding a Kitch-branded water bottle in front of her next to a demonstration of the logo in it's two optical sizes, large and tiny.
Optical Size