St.Pauls T-shirt Fundraiser

Custom lettered T-shirt designs to help fund the new St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

St. Pauls Hospital is moving to a brand new building at a new location. I was approached by a member of the Future Leaders at the St.Pauls Foundation about creating some artwork that celebrated the heritage of St.Pauls Hospital. We wanted to make some T-shirts that would give a sense of being on “team St.Pauls” and made baseball style T-shirt and lettering. 

Baseball style lettering reading st. Paul's, since 1894.
St. Paul's Baseball Style Lettering
An early pencil sketch of the St. Paul's baseball style lettering next to a mock up of the final artwork on a baseball T-shirt
Mock Up and Sketch

Another hospital in the organization, Mount St. Joseph’s also wanted baseball style lettering for their T-shirts.

Baseball style lettering that reads "Mount St. Joseph's, since 1946"
Muont St. Joseph's Lettering