Sweet & Savoury Pie Co.

Sweet and Savoury Pie Co. is a pie shop that believes that pie should be enjoyed every meal of the day. I had the opportunity to work on the full branding including a custom word mark, art direction of photography, print assets, store signage and interiors, and the website.

white knock-out version of the word mark overlaid on a top-down photo of pies

Pie menu, loyalty card, and business card laid out next to each other

Pie shop interior showing CNC cut logo in red adhered to the wall above seating and a framed image of a pie icon above another set of table and chairs

Close up of shop window as the vinyl letters are being applied by a man.

Storefront in a small stone multi-use building. Hanging sign with the word mark and pie icon, specials board, and large vinyl lettering on the window.

Gif with bright red background reading "pie plate exchange" with pies moving across the image to the left, every second pie is just the plate with no pie in it.