Trulioo Wordmark And Numeral Set

The Trulioo brand was designed by Pendo, a Vancouver design agency. I worked on refinements to the wordmark and helped to design the numeral set. 

To begin this project, the team at Pendo drafted a wordmark using an existing typeface. They altered the ‘T’ and ‘l’ to make them much smaller and tighter to the lowercase letters so there wasn’t large gaps in the mark. I made further edits to balance the serif size, improve contrast consistency, and even out the spacing to make this group of letters a very cohesive mark.

The word "Trulioo" in green on a light green background. Small notes made in red handwriting all around the word.

Trulioo also had content that would benefit from a unique numeral set that played on the concept of dots that appeared in other brand materials. We based the overall form on an existing typeface and came up with a grid and sizing that would work in the most applications. We made a small set of symbols to go with the numeral set that included quote marks. Both the numerals and quote marks can be found in use around the website and on brand materials. 

The numbers listed from 0-9 in a dot pixel style. Numbers in dark green on a light green background. The bottom right corner has an enlarged 5 and 0. Two halves on different shades of dark green. The left side starts with a large quote mark and has a quote in a serif font following it. The right side has a large number followed by some body copy.