Tofino Changelog

Tofino 3.0 released in May 2021

♥️ Drawing and spacing refinements. Particularly in the text styles.
♥️ Bug fixes for some kerning and outline errors   
♥️ Extended Latin language support including Vietnamese and Nuu-chah-nulth. See the full list in the language section on the Tofino page
♥️ Extended symbol set including more currency symbols
♥️ Variable font file includes all weights, widths, and italic styles. Tofino text styles are in their own separate variable file with all weights and italics included. 
♥️ The default figure set has been changed to lining figures instead of oldstyle figures in Text styles 
♥️ Slash zero has been added to all figure sets
♥️ Tofino no longer has small caps in the display styles but the text styles still include them.
️️♥ Font names are now a bit different, there are no more files with the label “Pro” as these were always the same files️, just a different package. You may need to perform some “find and replace” for files previously using these files. 

*Note. The new files may cause layout changes. While I have tried to maintain as much compatibility as possible, some styles may cause text to reflow in documents that used Tofino 2.0 files. In most styles these changes should be minimal but in some cases – especially in text styles – reflow may be significant due to spacing changes. 

Installation Tips

I recommend uninstalling the current version before installing the new files. You may want to keep a backup copy of the 2.0 files in case layout changes happen and you would like to revert back to the old files. Also make sure that all programs are closed when you install. 

More Explanation 

Drawing Refinements

To gain more control over my font engineering process and prepare Tofino for the variable font format I needed to rebuild my entire design space. I took the opportunity to also make subtle improvements the letterforms and fix some small design issues that were present in earlier files. 

A three dimensional rectangle with points marked on various places. Each mark has a sample "Aa" demonstrating the master Tofino drawing located at that point on the axis.
Tofino design space visualization

The text styles received the largest overhaul because, quite honestly, they were a bit rushed the first time around. There were many opportunities for improvement, especially with the proportions and some of the shapes (I’m looking at you “s”).⁠

I also received the feedback that the text styles were spaced too loose and every time I used them in my own work I found myself tightening the spacing. 

Two rows displaying the word "awesome". The top is from Tofino 2.0. The bottom row is Tofino 3.0 with a little less letter-spacing and some characters narrower in width.
Before and after comparison of Tofino Text improvements

Language Support

One of my long term goals as a type designer is to continue making my fonts more accessible and inclusive. This means that I have extended my Latin language support to include Vietnamese in this update thanks to Donny Trương’s amazing Vietnamese Typography guide.

Vietnamese proverbs written in a very light, wide style of Tofino and and condensed, bold style next to it.
Tofino displaying Vietnamese proverbs

I also recognize that North American Indigenous languages are not supported in many typefaces because they either require Latin-based characters not typically included or have their own writing system. I would like to work toward supporting these languages because they deserve to appear just as beautiful and fully supported as the languages they are set next to. I’m in the process of gathering documentation to achieve this and have decided to start with Nuu-chah-nulth

A Nuu-chah-nulth phrase set in light wide to bold condensed across four lines of repeated text.
Nuu-chah-nulth phrase set in Tofino

The traditional lands of Nuu-chah-nulth speakers are along the West coast of Vancouver Island which are the lands that inspired and gave birth to this typeface. It seemed like a perfect place to start.

Tofino 2.0 released in March 2017

♥️ Added condensed, narrow, and wide widths
♥️ Text styles added
♥️ Italics for all styles 

Tofino 1.0 released in May 2016