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  • Adventure Awaits!
  • Oh dear, I've misplaced my spellbook again
  • Wyvern Meat: Tasty if cooked with the right seasoning—sage and pineapple juice are a great option.
  • She turned back to the view in front of her. She sat on an overhang hundreds of feet above the desolate bowl but the mist settled around in a way that made it difficult to see very much below. The bent and ragged branches of the pine trees twisted out of the cliff face, holding fast even as the winds tried to tear them from their perches. She turned inward again, concentration was needed to continue her task.
  • Emboldened

About Avona Serif

Avona Serif is the companion font to Avona. It is designed to bring the fantasy vibes of Avona down into smaller text sizes—like in longer form text or user interfaces. It has better shape & proportion for longer reading, a warm fantasy tone, and the design is tied to Avona through their mutual calligraphy-inspired skeleton.

This family is planned to have extensive Latin language support, fractions, numeral sets, small caps, and italics. If you jump on board early, you’ll get all these updates free of charge! The commercial price will go up with each update, so grab your copy early if you want to save on some shiny loot.





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