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About Sahlia

Distinguish your designs with alternate characters like ball terminals and swash entry and exit strokes. High contrast Bodoni and Didot style fonts are often used to express elegance and luxury.

Something about constructed bold shapes connected with finely drawn lines says, “I’m so fancy!” 
Sahlia does not exactly follow the traditional constructed shapes of a Bodoni and leans more toward a calligraphic/humanist form as a base. Sahlia pushes the thin lines to the point of vanishing but it is not simply a high contrast font with the thin parts chopped out; the invisible connections were drawn to look more like they were worn away by time and weathering. This increases the legibility a bit – something that is important in a brand – as the eye can connect the missing parts back together more easily.





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  "name": "Sahlia",
  "fileGuid": "4a367e4c-7b91-4920-8f4a-ae354de9e3f1",
  "price": "20",
  "description": " ",
  "details": [
      "text": "1 weight"
      "text": "Ball alternate set "
      "text": "Swash entry and exit strokes"
  "id": "Sahlia",
  "url": "https://alannamunro.com/fonts/sahlia/index.html",
  "customOptions1": "Personal|Mini|Small[+20]|Medium[+60]|Large[+140]"


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