Text that reads "Sahlia is a custom font for" set in Sahlia an elegant stencil typeface

A custom font for Brandmark, a web app that creates a logo and design assets for your business.

The owner of Brandmark approached me to design a custom font with features specifically intended for branding. Visually, they were looking for a stencil typeface that felt luxurious and elegant.

Some of the letters with diagrams explaining features of the visual design

A few made up logos demonstrating start and end swashes

The character set features entry and exit swashes for every letter as well as some ligatures for a few common pairings.

The start and end swashes all laid out in a large grid, letters A-Z in upper and lowercase

Finally, there is a ball alternates set for any of the letters that have a triangular terminal shape.

Side by side comparison of the default style and alternate ball terminals