Sahlia, A Custom Font For Branding

Text that reads "Heron Sunset" set in Sahlia an elegant stencil typeface
Sahlia is a custom font for Brandmark

This custom font project was designed for, a web app that creates a logo and design assets for your business.

The owner of Brandmark approached me to design a custom font with features specifically intended for branding. These features included entrance and exit swashes, special ligatures, and a dot version. These features, combined with their software could put together a wordmark that looked more unique and customized than just setting a word in a regular font. 

The word "Kitty" with swashes
Logos with swashes and contextual ligatures

Visually, they were looking for a stencil typeface that felt luxurious and elegant. I began with a super high contrast design and imagined what it would look like if the thin parts were worn away over time to create the stencil version. The design is filled with long, sharp points and calligraphic details to communicate delicacy and elegance.

Some of the letters with diagrams explaining features of the visual design
Features of the visual design
The start and end swashes all laid out in a large grid, letters A-Z in upper and lowercase