Unifonic Wordmark and Numeral Set

A greyed word "Unifonic" followed by a darker black version of the same word in the same style. There are call outs showing what changes were made between the original and the final wordmark.

The Unifonic brand was designed by Pendo, a Vancouver design agency. I worked on refinements to the wordmark and helped to design the numeral set. 

When I was brought on to this project, the team at Pendo had already drafted a wordmark design through their design process with the client. They had used an existing typeface and designed custom Ns that related to communication wave graphics they were using elsewhere in the brand. Very few adjustments were necessary but we did take some time to explore different versions of the curve widths in the N’s. We settled on the original concept which had asymmetrical curves. 

The image is split in half with a white background on the left and a bright green on the right. The left has a curvy capital "N" in bright green and the right side has a large white 3 and the numbers 0-9 overlayed in black on top of it.

After the wordmark was completed, we worked on a numeral set that would complement the custom shapes from the wordmark. The design team sent me a draft of the 1, 2, and 3 to communicate their concept and I took it from there and produced the remaining numbers. 

The biggest challenge for this numeral set was to keep the numbers recognizable within such a playful design concept. Communicating with clarity is a key message of the brand so we took care to ensure that the numbers could not be mistaken for symbols or letters from other languages.

The image is split in two with the left background bright green and the right white. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 are set in a diagonal down the left of the page and each number is  in a circle. The right side of the page has a large 2 that shows where the nodes and handles are, illustrating the underlying structure of the number. The left half of the image has a demonstration of numbers in different contexts: time, large numbers, decimals, and ranges. the right side has the wordmark repeated on each line in bright green except for one line where the lwordmark is changed to black.